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NESSESARY PREAMBLE: Before you click on the picture of the Now Old Yellow BiG BonG Mobile WebCasting Unit or the link below it, there are a few things you need to know, they are these;
The Now Old Yellow BiG BonG Mobile WebCasting Unit no longer, as such exists, it rusted to death in 2008, only this web site and the roof top BonG Turret have survived the entire 21 years online, such a long time online, almost an eternity.

The new42022 BiG BonG Mobile WebCasting Unit won't be as yellow as "Old Yellow", it won't be based on a 1984 XE Ford Falcon, how ever, it will be road registered and based on, arguably, one of the most awesome, if not THE most awesome, utility vechiles ever built, anywhere on Earth, ever, indeed, I would talk more about the vehicular platform upon which the WebCasting Unit is based and it's place in Global Automotive History, but here is not the place, this is a portal page designed to transition from the old BigBongMobile to the new42022 BiG BonG Mobile.
The new42022 BiG BonG Mobile WebCasting Unit will be equipped with a lot more Tech than "Old Yellow", actually, a lot, lot, lot more Tech because dial up modems are a thing of the past, Mobile Phones have Mega Pixel Cameras and these days R.A.M is measured in Giga Bytes not Kilo Bytes and Hard Drives are measured in Terra Bytes not Mega Bytes. I would talk more about the all the various Tech, but here is not the place, this is a portal page designed to transition from the Old BiG BonG Mobile WebSpace to the new42022 BiG BonG Mobile WebSpace.
As you can see, there is no active link - as yet - to any of the new42022 BiG BonG Mobile "LIVE" web pages yet, just links to the Now Old BiG BonG Mobile WebSpace, there is a reason for this = the element of surprise.
As i alluded to earlier, the BiG BonG theory has been hard woven into the fabric of the internet for a very long time, it's been chiseled into the bedrock of cyber space since September 1995 to be precise, which means that the new42022 BiG BonG Mobile webspace you are about to enter is but one of the nodes in the BiG BonG gestalt, which is a metaverse "unto it's self."
Which leads us to one of the more important things you need to know before you delve any deeper and that is that what you are about to screen contains lots and lots of words, lots and lots of hyperlinks to other parts of the BiG BonG gestalt (that all open in a new browser window) and lots and lots and lots of links to "live" youtubes, discord chats and zoom rooms, links that will balloon into life at random. Don't panic, if you follow where the words read - like you have done to get to "here" - you won't miss anything, not so if you are a glib scroller with a lack of focus and concentration.
Anyways, now could be a good time to refresh your memory, or to see for the very first time, the original BiG BonG Mobile WebSpace, click on the pic below....
till next ... peace ....

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